DHP | About
I am. at heart, truly a people person. I love meeting people and the energy of the moments that transpire on any given session or event.
I see the people that I am photograping as friends in the making, with whom i am building the trust and comfort level that it take to capture the strongest images possible. It is essential that my clients enjoy the work as much as I enjoy creating it.
At weddings I strive to tell a story simply and beautifuly. That day represents a milestone in a person's life. There are generations present. The photographs of this day will live on for future generations. The importance of these images to me is enormous,
The base from which my phoyography is created includes being a graduate from the School of the Museum of Fine Art's.Bostom. After which I became a master printer. work as a house photographer for varies companies. My experience includes teaching as M.I.T's Center for Advanced Visual Studies.
The photography skills that I bring to an event is merely just the backdrop of what I do. Its the emotional vibe, whether it's a smile or a tear, I strive to capture your life moments forever.